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<March 2017>

Riverside Learning Center

The Riverside Learning Center began in 2006 with the intention to foster understanding among teachers and school leaders about best practices and to nurture solidarity and synergy in the teaching community. A number of schools saw value in our programme and sought to adopt the curriculum and implement it in their own organizations. Thereby began Riverside's journey of training, curriculum building and workshops.

The Learning Center, run by The Riverside School - a flagship school located in Ahmedabad, offers several unique programmes designed to train practitioners on how to translate Common Sense to Common Practice and to get the best for all their learners.

Practitioners, School Leaders, aspiring Teachers, and anyone interested in education from any Board or affiliation (ICSE / State Board / IGCSE / IB / CBSE, etc.) have found value in our approach.

The programmes are contemporary and address the needs of the modern day classroom and community. The programmes currently on offer are:


1. School Transformation Package

2. School Leader Certification Programme

3. Teacher Certification Programme

4. Stand Alone Workshops

5. Immersion Programme

6. Master Workshops


Being practitioners ourselves, we understand the realities of your professional lives. FLEXIBILITY and RELEVANCE is, therefore, key notes of our programmes. Our advisors sit with you to help you choose what suits you best.

Since The Learning Center and the Riverside School are on the same campus, there is a seamless blend of the theory into practice.

Our trainers are highly competent practitioners well exposed and endorsed by some of the best minds in the community such as Howard Gardner, d.School (Stanford), The Institute of Multiple Intelligence, etc.




I touch the future. I teach.

-- Christa McAuliffe

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