About us

Riverside Learning Center (RLC) is the Research, Development and Training unit of The Riverside School Since its formal instatement in 2009, RLC has served as a beacon to spread the philosophy, the culture and the best practices of the Riverside School with the wider education community. Till date, RLC has trained more than 750 educators from over 70 schools in India and overseas besides impacting more than 5000 educators through guest lectures, workshops, and its open-door policy to visitors on campus.

The Riverside School – a world class school and a vibrant lab has used a design thinking approach to develop an eco-system that empowers in leaders, teachers, students and parents with a “I CAN” mindset. The Riverside School serves as a model school that provides resources for the cutting-edge materials used in the different training programs offered by Riverside Learning Center. RLC continuously strives to develop and offer programs to make the pedagogy of The Riverside School, available and accessible to educators of all demographics.

New in 2016, Riverside Learning Center (RLC) is pleased to present its framework of Six-Pillar Approach to equip school leaders and teachers with skills and mindset to bring about transformational change in the teaching practice. We believe that Personal and Professional Development, Parent Partnership, Curriculum, Community, Leadership and Administration are the six-pillars of any school’s culture. Everything that you do to nurture these pillars is what you institution stands on. Specific processes under each pillar will provide a strong foundation to your practice. In addition, RLC customizes its Six-Pillar approach framework to meet the needs of any demographic.

A strong training program is backed by an equally strong training team. Meet our edu-heroes who have 5 – 15 year of teaching experience at Riverside and are passional about learning and sharing every today.

Trainers Profiles

  • Ranjhani Iyer
    Ranjhani Iyer
    Ms. Terracotta

    Ranjhani Iyer has been at Riverside since two years and is associated with Key Stage 2. She has a Masters in English Language and Communication and enjoys playing with language, thereby adding humour in sessions and encourages student participation through a dynamic classroom atmosphere. She loves writing and solving riddles/ puzzles. She has conducted workshops in her subject domain and on the various processes of Riverside.Because of her grit and adaptability, at Riverside, she is also known as Ms. Terracotta.

  • Phoram Desai
    Phoram Desai
    The Architect

    Phoram Desai with 15 years of experience at Riverside, is an educator par-excellence. With a degree in Bachelor of Education and a Post-graduate diploma in Early Childhood Education, Phoram also has a keen interest in dramatics, oratory, writing and cinema. She effortlessly brings all these talents into her classroom to provide an interactive and highly charged learning environment. Along with co-leading the Keystage-1 program at Riverside, she contributes greatly to creating a rich repository of documentation at Riverside. She has conducted multitude of workshops, trainings and also represented Riverside at conferences and seminars. As an Edu-hero at Riverside, she is also known as The Architect.

  • Hetal Jariwala
    Hetal Jariwala
    Mama Gensitive

    Hetal Jariwala, has over 12 years of experience at The Riverside School. She has taught Keystage 1 & 2 at Riverside and is well-regarded for her capability to bring in real-life experiences in her classroom. Hetal has studied Commerce and has a Bachelors in Education. She has conducted several trainings for Riverside School and has represented Riverside on many occasions for conducting workshops specially for Multiple Intelligences, Teaching for Understanding and Making Learning Visible. At Riverside, as an Edu-hero, she is popularly known as Mama Gensitive.

  • Dr. Poonam Pathak
    Dr. Poonam Pathak
    Lady Vyaktakar

    Dr. Poonam Pathak, has over 4 years of experience at The Riverside School. She has taught Hindi language in Keystage 1 & 2 at Riverside and is well-regarded for her capability to enrich the learning by bringing real life experience in the classroom. Poonam has done her PhD in Education and has masters in Hindi, Education and Economics. She has translated DFC Teachers manual in Hindi. Poonam has conducted several trainings for Riverside Learning Center and has represented Riverside on many occasions. At Riverside, as an Edu-hero, she is popularly known as’ Lady Vyaktakar’.

  • Sulekha Nair
    Sulekha Nair
    Ms. Kind

    Sulekha Nair has taught for 8 years at Riverside and has 25 years of teaching experience in all. Sulekha is an Economics graduate with a minor in History. She also has a Bachelor of Education degree. Drawing from her passionate work in the citizenship program at Riverside, she conducts experiential and transformational workshops on Citizenship for trainees of Riverside Learning Center. She has represented Riverside at conferences and seminars on several occasions. Sulekha is also an accomplished story teller and has conducted story telling sessions under Zee-Kahani express program in schools across Ahmedabad. Sulekha also writes short stories, women being her favourite subject.

  • Amit Dixit
    Amit Dixit
    Captain Equilizer

    Amit Dixit has over 7 years of experience at The Riverside School. He has 9 years of experience in teaching Mathematics and 2 years of script-writing for animated movies about Mathematics. Amit has a B.Sc from Sir P. P. Institute of Science and a B.Ed. from Bhavnagar University. His approach to teaching Mathematics to senior school students has rekindled joy and confidence in learning Math for many students. He firmly believes in the importance of multi-prong assessment methods and ably leads and coaches junior teachers at Riverside. He also conducts workshops to emphasize the importance of data-collection and representation and its impact on student evaluation. Amit has acquired training for IGCSE, AS & A levels in Mathematics by Cambridge University. Amit is passionate about reasoning and interpretation and cultivates a very healthy learning environment in the classroom. He is popular for his keen observation, skilful questioning and empathetic listening and suitably called ‘The Equalizer’ at Riverside.

  • Vinita Modi
    Vinita Modi

    Vinita Modi has been teaching art at Riverside for ten years. She is a graduate in painting and philosophy. She is a nature lover and likes to read. She believes that art is a medium that allows kids to know themselves and the world better. Art is for every kid - with this belief she designs her sessions such that each kid can immerse and enjoy. Kids have successfully participated in art festivals and raised funds through auction of paintings with her. She has conducted workshops on finding ' the extraordinary in the ordinary, discovering creativity in us, deconstruction and construction. She is also known as Flogent.

  • Nandini Parekh
    Nandini Parekh
    LA Imaginista

    Nandini Parekh has been with Riverside since its inception. She has taught Grades K1 – Grade 7. Her experience enables her to take workshops on Reading as Thinking, Thinking Skills, Multiple Intelligences as well as Riverside Processes for parents and other teachers. She is passionate about books and works on transferring this passion to the children, through her language enrichment sessions.

    Nandini has participated in several professional development programs. She has attended courses on Teaching for Understanding and Making Learning Visible at thte coveted Harvard Graduate School of Education Recently she participated at the conference on ‘Creative Partnerships’ in London.

    As an Edu-hero, Nandini's ability to contribute creative ideas has earned her the name 'La Imaginista'.

  • Jahnavi Mehta
    Jahnavi Mehta
    The Humanist

    Jahnavi Mehta is a School Leader at Riverside. She has been with The Riverside School since its inception. She is a Commerce Graduate and has done her Bachelor’s Degree in Education (B.Ed) from IGNOU. She has done a Diploma in Montessori Education and an online certificate course on Multiple Intelligences from the Harvard Graduate School.

    At Riverside, she has honed her professional skills by participating in conferences like ‘Creative Partnerships’ in London and ‘Student Leadership’ in Singapore. She has also represented the school on different occasions either as a speaker or panelist at conferences. She has facilitated many training workshops for Riverside and represented Riverside as a consultant in schools and conferences in India and abroad.

    Hugely inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach of teaching, Jahnavi loves to keep the curiosity of her children alive through provocation. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and listening to music.

  • Kirti Zala
    Kirti Zala

    Kirti Zala has been part of aProCh (a Protagonist in Every Child) – a Riverside School Initiative since 5 years. She holds the MBA and MSc Finance degree with corporate work experience of more than 7 years before joining Riverside. She feels strongly about creating opportunities for children to engage in free play; imagining different ways to add value to the community. She has represented aProCh at national and international forums and also has conducted workshops for aProCh. She has ably contributed in taking aProCh initiative to 11 cities in India. She is always excited about adding value to the stakeholders and inspires them to take ownership of the vision of aProCh. At Riverside, as an Eduhero, Kirti is also known as Persipatient!

  • Pooja Nair
    Pooja Nair

    Pooja Nair is in her third year at The Riverside School. She has a Bachelors degree in Commerce and loves to explore opportunities to learn and share her learnings with all. At Riverside, she has taught Grades 1 and 2 and has quickly learnt to make her sessions more contextual and lively for the students. She has successfully conducted several workshops for Riverside Learning Center relating to Language and Culture building processes at the Riverside School. As part of her continuous professional development, she has participated in workshops and seminars on ‘ The Art and Science of Question Making’ and The use of Technology in Education amongst others. She epitomizes her edu-hero name of ‘Awarener’ at Riverside.

  • Vidhi Rajdev
    Vidhi Rajdev
    Flash Girl

    Vidhi Rajdev has 2 years of experience at Riverside. With a Masters degree in Finance, she also holds Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education. Her training and experience at Riverside has enabled her to conduct workshops on Phonics and other processes at Riverside specially for trainees of Riverside Learning Center. Vidhi is extremely quick at learning and implementing and as such her Edu-hero name at Riverside is ‘Flash Girl’.

  • Itchha Chainani
    Itchha Chainani

    Itchha Chainani has over 5 years of teaching experience at The Riverside School. She has taught Key stage 2 and is also known as the Possibilator. Itchha has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Education, along with a Diploma in Fashion Designing. Itchha values the ideas of rigor and grit, and believes that each individual can change for better if one puts in both, persistently. She inspires her students to be proactive and grow each day by choosing the right way and not the easy way. Her ability to design new ways for learning logical thinking helps children to seek relevance of what they are learning and apply it in real life scenarios. She shares her practice and pedagogy by conducting workshops, having conversations with her colleagues on a regular basis, and sending them research papers to read to ensure that each child has the maximum benefit of enriched learning.

  • Bhavika Chandnani
    Bhavika Chandnani
    Ms. Optilute

    Bhavika Chandnani with 9 years of experience at Riverside, is an educator who believes in nurturing curiosity and building confidence in all the students and colleagues around her. Bhavika holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She is also trained in Play Based Approach in Early Education and holds a diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education and Certificates in Multiple Intelligence in Elementary Classroom and Leadership Course from Harvard University. Her key interest is to understand different pedagogies around the world. She brings her research aptitude in her classroom to build curiosity and engagement, her sensitive and caring nature to bring a sense of well-being for all and her experience to establish relevance and make sense of the complex world for her young learners. Bhavika regularly conducts workshops for Riverside Learning Center on Play Based Approach Curriculum, Classroom Management in Early Education, Phonics Workshop, Logical Thinking in Early Age, Creating Learning Spaces and different Process and Practice at Riverside. At Riverside as an Edu Hero, she is known as Optilute, a person with good mix of optimism and resolve.

  • Deepa Dattani
    Deepa Dattani
    Ms Comforter

    Deepa Dattani has over eight years of experience at Riverside. She is Bachelor of Science (Home) from M.S University, Vadodara with a passion for cooking which she brings to her classroom through sensorial experiences. Her forte is working with young children and she brings innovative ways to engage these young minds to learn. Her patience is contagious and her continuous research and practice of Play-Way Method has allowed her to conduct workshops and trainings for Riverside Learning Center. At Riverside, as an Edu-hero she is also known as Ms Comforter.

  • Rashida Makati
    Rashida Makati
    Ms. CreActive

    Rashida Makati, has over 4 years of teaching experience in pre-primary grades at The Riverside School. She holds dual bachelor degrees in Arts and in Education. Her enthusiasm, zeal, preparedness and relationship building skills are her biggest assets when she teaches little children. She has conducted training workshops on various culture building processes of Riverside and on Pre-school Math program. To build on her excellent teaching practice, she has participated in workshops on Non-Violent communication, Differentiated Instruction, Art of story-telling, primary language skills amongst others, and tries to bring those elements to her teaching. At Riverside, for her creativity and proactivity she is also called Ms. CreActive.

  • Jaya Sharma
    Jaya sharma
    Jaya Sharma

    Jaya Sharma with 17 years of teaching experience, of which 7 years at The Riverside School, is an educator brimming with passion. With a degree in Master of Science and a Bachelor of Education from Kolkata's esteemed university, Jaya displays keen interest in diet and fitness. Her motto in life is to work tirelessly and inspire her students to help make the earth a more sustainable and an environmentally friendly place. Through her lens her students learn to appreciate the immensely complicated but beautiful design of the nature around them. Her sessions are exemplars in the way she employs different languages of learning, humour and rigour to keep the students engaged and yearning for more. Jaya’s classroom sessions are a popular choice for observation by the visitors at Riverside and she has also inspired many trainees by her demo sessions she specially conducts for Riverside Learning Center. For her love for plants in particular and the living world, at Riverside she is also known as Mystree.

  • Priyanka Prasad
    Priyanka Prasad
    Priyanka Prasad
    The Soliditude

    Priyanka Prasad - As a Project Coordinator of aProCh (A Protagonist in every Child) and Right to Education (RTE) initiative, Ms. Priyanka Prasad has over 9 years experience at Riverside. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Master’s degree in Labor Laws & Labor Welfare. Priyanka has a strong passion for community-based participatory projects. Therefore, she has been able to garner strong support from the community, comprising of NGOs, corporations, schools, government bodies, and citizens for the initiatives pursued at Riverside. She has also initiated the following projects: “City on Cycles” and ‘World is my School’. Besides heading these community-based initiatives at Riverside, she serves as an Educator for the children enrolled under the RTE program. Priyanka has conducted several workshops, training, and has also presented at different international and national conferences. Recently, her article appeared in 2016 European Network Child in the City conference blog. As an Edu-hero at Riverside, she is also known as The Soliditude.

  • Suja Nair
    Suja Nair
    The Intentionalist

    Suja Nair with 8 years of experience at Riverside, is a lifelong learner whose imaginative and creative blend helps her to make learning meaningful and interesting for her students. Suja has a Master’s degree in Physics and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Along with her studies she has also earned a diploma in Software Programming. She has conducted several training for Riverside school and is also mentoring KS1 & KS2 teachers for the Science programme. At Riverside, as an Edu-hero, she is popularly known as Intentionalist.

  • Archana Sethi
    Archana Sethi
    Ms. Empathist

    Archana Sethi has over 15 years of teaching experience in various schools and NGO’s, is also known as Ms. Empathist at Riverside. Archana leads the Special Education needs program at Riverside, and is adept at optimizing a child’s learning and self-enrichment by helping them to embrace all experiences and opportunities that come their way. Archana actively focuses on honing the processes and protocols that can bring out the best in every student. Archana has a Master’s degree in Special Education, and has completed a development therapy course for children with neurological conditions.

  • Jazz Sethi
    Jazz Sethi

    Jazz Sethi is a professional choreographer and performer from Ahmedabad. She has performed over 200 professional shows in India and abroad and has completed her training from Broadway Dance Centre New York. Along with dance as her base, she has conducted and attended several theatre programs and incorporates a lot of theatre semiotics in her choreographic pieces. She has 7 years of teaching experience from Spin Academy where she was a senior instructor and choreographer. She strongly believes in a multi-disciplinary approach to performing arts, and has helped cultivate the studio arts curriculum at The Riverside School. She uses techniques from the Tisch Performance Studies curriculum in her sessions and pushes students to create their own unique organic style. Jazz has successfully conducted workshops for Riverside Learning Center to inspire expression, movement and performance in education. Jazz is a published poet and an avid reader, who loves to travel and listen to music.